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What is Invitation Management?

If you’re getting ready to plan a big event, managing all of your invitations can be a challenging endeavor. With invitation management, you can easily keep track of everyone you’ve invited, who will be attending your event, and who won’t. Professional invitation management allows you to send a virtual invitation that’s unique to each person. This means the invite cannot be shared, and it allows you to keep up with RSVPs. Virtual invitations are date and time-sensitive so that they deactivate once the RSVP date has expired. Invitation management is also streamlined to help you immediately see who has responded. This helps you get an accurate headcount when hiring vendors, arranging software, or providing things like food and tables for a wedding reception or corporate event. This service lets you keep track of how many invites you have sent, how many have been accepted, how many were declined, and any invites that have expired.

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